representation matters

27 People of Color from Germany told Vogue Germany why representation is so important, what it looked like in their childhood, what they think of media clichés and stereotypes, and what change they want to see in the future..

director of photography:

Poliana Baumgarten

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Tereza Mundilová


Temi Hollist Rest

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Alexandra Bondi de Antoni & Tereza Mundilová

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Marlene Gotschlich

guest editor vogue.de, video-Editor & interviews

Kemi Fatoba

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Ekua King

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Bennie Julian Gay


Nelya Ahmia

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Adiam Habtezion, Samantha Pottmaier & Djamila Rachor

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Olive Duran & Fiyori Ghebreweldi

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Lorena Maza Carl, Taegert & Ivanna Heredia

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Benjamin Vornehm & Patrik Bablo

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