Tillman Jex.

Tillman Jex is a music maker and spatial sound designer who holds narrative as the central focus of his creative outputs and collaborations. He sees the importance of narrative to be essential in time based art forms, as narrative is intrinsic to our perception of life and can therefore be seen as the medium of communication in which we achieve the deepest connections.

As well as releasing his own music, Tillman has collaborated both locally and internationally on short films, A/V installations, virtual reality products and been invited to publicly speak on music composition and performance.

Tillman studied his Bachelor of Music Composition at Melbourne University (2014-2016) in his home town of Melbourne, Australia before moving to Berlin in 2017. As of 2021 Tillman is studying his Masters of Creative Technologies at the Babeslberg Filmuniversit├Ąt KONRAD WOLF.

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